Friday, October 17, 2014

redbud family

Nighttime and daytime photos but the same cloth. Right now I am liking the heart shape of the eastern redbud.

It has been a crazy week and next week my boys are on fall break. When I get back - let's talk about leaves again.


  1. Such a beauty !
    (looks like a four leave clover ;-) ...)

  2. I love redbud leaves and your arrangement of them.

  3. i like how you have chosen to get he impressions of leaves on cloth.

  4. I love how there is so much careful love & intent with each mark, stitch and colour you make Susan

  5. The leaves have such gorgeous shapes and colours and the arrangement is both beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

  6. Oh aren't redbud leaves just beautiful. Heart-shaped and such lovely colors.
    Ours get a leathery burgundy when first unrolling in the spring and last until early summer
    where they turn this same lovely shad of chartreuse. Your depiction of them on fabric
    is wonderful.