Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a bit of green

I have started stitching around some goatsbeard leaves. They are many-toothed so there are many stitches. I am thinking about more contrast and plotting out areas full of stitches alongside areas of none.  I had moved towards browns and golds - thinking of fall. 

I went out to look at the goatsbeard plants yesterday and have a closer look at the veins of the leaves. The very hot and unusually dry summer has left nearly all of our perennial plants looking burned and brown. On the goatsbeard I noticed brand new bright green growth at the base of several of the plants, because we have finally had some rain these last few weeks.

and so I was inspired to add a bit of green.

But... the pale stitches reminds me more of a light frost, which I admit I have spent a bit of time daydreaming about because of the chiggers. I am done with the wicked late summer chiggers.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

more than ever

I had thought when I started this I would try to leave more areas with less stitching - this would be a test of that. But the stitches just became more and more. More than ever maybe.

and I love it this way. This is what I do.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

knots and dew drops

Green coneflower leaves this morning...

and a new way of working out the fringe on things. The stitching thread goes on as a part of it all to the ends. Still in progress...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maple Summer Sunshine

I never intended to be away from this blog all summer. We have been quite busy spending lots of time getting to know this little lady, Maple. She has been with us two months now.

Keeping up with her puppy energy and love for outside has made for a wonderful summer. We are crazy about her.

We have had hot dry weather and hot hot sunshine all summer and so it brought me back around to the paint printing again. Hot sun makes a sharp print. I had been thinking on ways to do things differently - pushing all my favorite elements to coexist. Working towards the many threads of ideas here and there all coming together. I have worked on softening some of the colors.

Stitch had begun on a small scale - to try some new construction and work a few things out. 

Everything is shifting here very soon. School will start and I am grateful to have a little pup to keep me company. Thanks to all who are still listening and looking.