Thursday, October 29, 2009

On Break

Not much sewing or blogging done lately - but thoroughly enjoyed a fall break this past long weekend with my big boy home from school a few days and house guests and family gathering, walks outside and cider making. Some ideas bumping around in my head - thinking things through until I have a chance to carry them out. Smallest boy on possibly permanent nap strike - which eliminates my most favorite sewing time - but I will work it out somehow. Just managed to almost squeeze out two halloween costumes at the last minute - one still needs to be finished.

Photo is of a wood scrap I found in Dad's wood shop a few weekends ago. A perfect little circle woodblock from the scrap bin. Looking forward to trying to print some fabric with it...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wing Repair

I put binding on my current quilt project this past weekend and got excited that it was moving along. I had been thinking of trying to draw/stitch a bird on it. I made a sketch and then tried to re-sketch it onto the quilt and then just went for it - following my sketchy pencil marks on the fabric with free-motion machine stitches. Sometimes just going for it works better for me than over planning - but this time, not so much. Then that awful thing happened of I knew it wasn't right but I just kept going and stitching more and more trying to correct it. Mostly the proportions are off, the little bird is too tall, not plump like I intended - so I have cut this wing to try and correct what I have done, push out his edges and widen him up a bit. I already added stitches to his belly - pushing it out a little. I am hoping I can repair it without covering the whole bird - I do like the eye.


My sewing room/studio is finally clean. It has been close for weeks - but it was tidy enough that it was so much easier to sew and always much more fun to pop in and sew for a bit than to pop in and finish the cleaning. This is as clean as it has ever been and ever, ever will be. I hope I can keep it looking this way for at least a little while.

The tour: Photo 1) My computer/printer area. I just put the quilt over the computer table yesterday. I love the height and size of the table but the table itself did not blend well with the other items in the room - it wasn't very cozy - but I think the thrift store quilt turned tablecloth does the trick. The armoire has large drawers that now hold current projects in trays and boxes. I can slide something out and work on it and then put it away. Photo 2) My little sewing nook. This is a tiny little awkward space that leads towards the window. The light is really nice here. My ironing board just fits in there next to my sewing machine table. I have only hit my head in a bad way on that roof line edge of the ceiling two times - it brought me to my knees - but it hasn't happened lately. Photo 3) My storage hutch and the boys' craft table corner. The hutch holds tons of supplies and still isn't full - it was a good find. One side of the bottom holds all the boys' stuff for coloring, cutting, gluing, stamping - whatever. I really wanted a space in here for them to sit with me.

The weather is definitely turning towards more hours indoors. I think I got this little room ready just in time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

No So Portable

I began machine quilting this and couldn't stop. I like the solid line of the machine stitch. I just can't get my hand stitches that close together - it looks more like a dotted line, and the textures get too busy. I used a bath towel as batting on this because I like the relief that happens with the machine stitching. When it's done it has a nice weight to it that hangs well. It raining and raining here - so a bit more time inside on the machine. I also had another who really wanted to be in the photo today - or his race car did anyway.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I "framed" two of the neutral blocks with a dark brown border + a few bits of lighter browns. The darkest color was a thrift store find - men's cotton printed shirt. I am experimenting with a visual frame on this. Also wanting to get one example of these neutral pieced blocks ready for some quilting. I can only sit in front of the machine for so long - it's time to have something more portable ready for fall trips to the playground and sitting on the patio. My sweet old goldie was relaxing this morning in my natural lighting photo spot - so her head became part of the photo. She just wouldn't budge for even a second. The rain is coming and she knows we will have to close the door soon...