Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sugar Maple Quilt Top

I am stuck on the sugar maple leaf lately. I am easily distracted and we have been talking a lot about sugar maple trees and making syrup at our house lately - so it is showing up in my sewing. I think this may have it out of my system for a bit. Piecing this top reminded me why I have strayed from this type of quilting. It's really hard for me to get everything to line up in the end. I did mix fabric types - most were quilting cottons, but there were some blends that seemed stretchy - which can definitely throw things off a bit. One of the blocks came out really off - I added in a bit of white fabric to make it fit with the others - it seemed honest to leave it in and make it work rather than redo it. Maybe that's a revelation for me on this type of thing - quit worrying about it and make it work. Because I like how it turned out. I like that I ran out of brown when I was sewing the outside "frame" and had to grab some similar browns that don't mach exactly. I think I will have to wait to quilt this - I have other projects with higher priority that need to come first. It looks like spring to me - new green leaves and dirt.

My son was my assistant in holding the quilt for the photo and it was his idea to take a shot of the back. I love that.


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