Friday, November 20, 2009

Shell Circle Circle

I began the binding process on this today. I cut it into a circle. Not sure what it will turn out to be - but looking forward to carrying it around and hand-stitching on it a bit before calling it done. I am also secretly plotting what to paint next to give it this aged, been buried in the dirt quality that I think I am liking.

It's slow-going on all projects right now. I have lost focus a bit, but still working things around in my head, laying things out, sewing things up, thinking in circles...


  1. It's very lovely, the color is very subtle and I love the design!

  2. i love the colour, the spirals and the shape .. that dirty quality you are talking about is something wonderful and rustic .. looks beautiful already from here ..

  3. Oh, I love this! It looks like an ancient platter... Love the colours, love that it's circular, love the spirals.....