Friday, January 8, 2010


I am taking a break from this blog for a week or two. I am feeling tongue tied and overwhelmed about what to do next, what to post next - the new year is so full of anticipation and what will be - but it is a whole year - there should be no rush. So I am going to back up and run through my start of the year domestic rituals of simplifying and winterizing and getting comfy with being inside - a lot. Going to get my blank book started for the year ahead. I will plan a birthday party to remember for my soon to be 6 years old boy.

I feel I also must post this photo of our sweet girl napping yesterday afternoon. When she is sleeping she is the portrait of relaxation. My husband and I have talked of how we imagine this sweet face and her soft fur when we have trouble sleeping, are far from home, or just need to relax. So - I will be back when my thoughts have had a bit of this...