Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grow and Stitch

I was pleasantly lost in this last night - stitching the circles round and round over the squares. A few hours before that I had admired the seedlings - always so exciting to watch them emerge and grow. A seemingly simple little thing - but really just amazing that it all works out.

A nine-patch - made me think of Jude.

In the garden I liked this too...

Bug graffiti.

and this one - every year we wonder if it will be back, it makes us wait - and then there it is...


  1. Lovely circles... and the nine patch seedlings too.

  2. wonderful circles over squares! lovely colors xxx

  3. the best kind of nine patch. one that contains growth! thanks...

  4. happy jack! and wonderful circles. i like these!

  5. Hi Susan ~ I had a good chuckle over that "bug graffiti" and your vegetative nine patch is pretty darn wonderful!

    Luv the circles over squares - adds a completely new dimension...

    Nice to be sharing Jude's workshop with you.