Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ripple Effect

This bloom is making waves. I am stitching patterns to hold the layers together as one - emphasizing the original elements. I had thought I would stitch to the edge of the brown base but am thinking now of letting the stitched circle shapes be the edge of the stitching.


  1. beautiful stitching and very effective to the piece.

  2. It so much shows the energy of groth! I once saw mushrooms that had broken through the asphalt along our street -- mushrooms that are so soft you can punch a hole into with a finger, had the power to punch a hole into a layer of the road paving... I can see the circles as a symbol of this enormus strength in plants and all that grows.

  3. OH MY! This just grows more beautiful each time I see it. The ripples and circles are just making my heart sing. This cloth is really lovely. You should be very proud!

  4. Lovely peaceful ripples here and I love your previous moth post

  5. Eva - thank you so much for your words on this. I love the imagery of delicate plants pushing through the pavement.

    Deanna, Debi and Clare - thanks for your comments. I hope to make more stitching progress on this piece soon - more circles and ripples to come...