Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am working a few projects towards completed. This one I began back in May and it has settled into a fuzzy edges finish.

My parents will bring branches from their place (the backyard of my childhood) when they visit us this weekend. I will choose a fitting branch to hang this little quilt from.

So in my mind all these things spin - my parents and grandparents, my childhood, a root system. Grown to where I am now and then beyond that - the offshoots - the little people who will be bigger and just keep growing - on and on. There is spin and motion to all of this - day to day. Dizzy. I have the little urge to want to stop it.

Our littlest boy is 4 years old this week. Lots of growing into someone so special.


  1. your stitching is always amazing.

  2. What a beautiful and thought-filled hanging. The story of your inspiration is as beautiful as the piece. (And your little boy is adorable :)) It's such a pleasure to see all the people who share their stitches. I am 'crossing over' into a more thoughtful and artful expression and this is all very inspirational.

  3. Thank you for sharing plus the close-up, the stitching makes my heart sing. Seeing the baby and the boy next to each other is very moving. I have a new grandson and I fear I may only see him when he is already a boy. C'est la vie, Australia is a long way away from Liverpool in England! I love that you are going to use a branch that has meaning for you too

  4. This piece gives me the feeling of concentration and quietness. Something to let the eyes rest on. And to let the hand run over. Figure a branch with this hanging! Like a gift of nature. Would love to see it again when you have finished it.

  5. four year old boys might be
    close to perfect beings. six too.

    i sat looking at this cloth early
    this morning and suddenly knew
    what your work always makes me
    think of...the naturally occuring
    spirals and configurations found
    in the most microscopic make up
    of cells, snowflakes, invertabrates, spores and on and
    on and then i went to the book
    shelf and looked at
    Sensitive Chaos
    The Creation of Flowing Forms in
    Water and Air
    by Theodor Schwenk
    Sophia Books
    Rudolf Steiner Press
    see if you can get this book at
    your library....an extraordinary
    man/extraordinary book and
    is related to your work...
    Happy Birthday to your little man!

  6. wonderful! delving thru your blog has been inspiring...and watching this cloth grow and blossom has been an exercise in joy! the life and motion in your stitching makes my spirit sing. i love everything about your work, and especially the re-occurring spirals and shells "stitched" with pen and ink. the cross-over is beautiful!