Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleep Pattern

I have had no time to start anything new to stitch on but have been sewing this pattern of red stitching over squares in my dreams for weeks now. It has been on my mind each night as I drift off to sleep and the rhythms of it have been comforting to me - as the real act of stitching is. I felt a need to get this pattern out of my head and onto paper tonight as the boys were drawing and coloring. I opened a yet unused little notebook of graph paper - I like the preprinted structure of the little squares for thinking in quilt. As for the red stitches and solid squares pattern - I have to wonder if I have seen it somewhere and it has just moved into my mind for now. I will start something once I complete a happy new year de-cluttering of my sewing room which I absolutely must do. The start of a new year always has me daydreaming and drifting towards simplifying. A new year - and endless possibilities in a simple beginning.


  1. This is lovely. Look forward to seeing where it takes you. I do this too, drift of to sleep with stitching designs on my mind, most of which get rinsed away in the tide of my dreams! The graph paper is like a net... a dream catcher! :)

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    Happy New Year!

  2. happy new year with many stitches.

  3. your dream sheet is wonderful! the patterns of stitch and color block draw you in deeper and yet promises the other side. i look forward to watching it unfold in thread and cloth!