Monday, April 4, 2011

Into Spring...

We have found a wide open space we love to wander around in and that has kept us busy. We have followed winter into spring - staying outside whenever we can and as long as we can. My boys are suddenly wild and loving it - jumping, leaping and running again - getting dirty. Such a relief to get our hands in the dirt again, working and playing outside.

I was needing to get the colors noted here to remember for the quilt. The deepest brown wet soil, every shade of green and then yellows and purples. My favorite right now are the bluebell blossoms emerging as pinks and then transforming through lavenders to blue. The green mist of leaves unfolding in the tree tops and the sky so so blue days in a row. A little boy so excited about bright yellow dandelions and purple violets and so happy we have so many in his own yard!

Starting the spring panel for the Sleep Pattern quilt, thinking of adding in some nine patch squares. Maybe the colors are too shocking next to the winter panel - but that's what I feel - the color surprises, so different from winter. Spring has so much momentum, it just takes off from barely anything.

Thinking I will will just follow this quilt around through the seasons adding layers of detail as I go. Leaving winter behind now and adding spring and working on that until it's time to move on again. By the time I get back around to winter it will be one big square, but I am so ready to just think about spring now. Watch everything uncurl and open up. stitching as I go...


  1. susan...oh Sigh.
    love the feeling of this post as
    like a letter would have been
    written, mailed, and received
    a hundred years taking
    time to travel the miles, but then
    opening the envelope so carefully,
    taking out the paper and
    a beautiful post, beautiful work,
    and oh, and
    violets and dandelions~
    much love, grace

  2. thanks, grace - for being my pen pal