Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still Looking For It

I cannot find my photo card reader - and so I created this image with photos already on my computer. I have had an extension of ideas and a combination of images simmering. I have taken photos of inspiration and of things I/we have made to move things forward - and the things that got things started - but can't get to the photos right now. Grrrr. It is not unusual for me to misplace my card reader often - but it usually shows up in a few days. May just have to get another one this time...

Realizing how much I depend on the photos and look forward to "showing" what has been done. Interesting.


  1. thanks, jude.
    card reader found!

  2. I'm just blown away with this image. It beautiful!

  3. Hello, Catherine! thanks so much - I am thinking a lot about symmetry lately...