Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Our sweet Beandog passed away 5 days ago. She was 14 years old - lived a long and happy life. That first day without her was hard for us. So difficult to keep my mind from wandering towards the saddest departing details, so I searched out fabric in her colors - traced, cut and started stitching. Keeping hands and brain busy and bringing back the good memories - which are so good and so many. She was the sweetest girl.

Loving and caring for her was our way of life for over 14 years. Her fur is woven into our carpets and our clothes. We patted her sweet head when we walked into the room and again when we walked out. We walked outside with her many times every day. We anticipate the sound of her toenails on the wood floors and her rustling shuffle in the fall leaves. There was much worrying in the last weeks - thoughts of her were hovering in front of all else - and near impossible to concentrate fully on anything. It has been hard to let go of that quiet urgency of wanting her to feel better and also knowing it was just time.

This was her season of camouflage, sitting in the dry grass and golden leaves and and looking lovely - this taken just 2 weeks ago.

It is becoming a little bit easier to just be sad - smile through the tears and not fall apart. There really are so many wonderful memories of her - we are so fortunate to have known and loved her.

So I will be stitching on this little golden sunburst for awhile...


  1. so very hard to let these companions of ours go, even though we know we'll have to, they weave their way into our hearts don't they?

  2. So very sorry to hear about your dog. We had a Golden Retriever, Jess, for fourteen years too. A most beautiful gentle breed. Making that final decision was so difficult, but now we just think of the amazing times we had with her.
    (I must admit it is lovely having a hair free house!)
    What a lovely idea to make a quilt block in her colours.

  3. susan, i am so sorry. your girl was a beautiful one, may your sadness lessen as you get used to her absence. it's that familiar stuff, toenails on wood, a little nose nudge, a waving tail that we must adjust to.

  4. What a wonderful way of remembering - no one we love is ever gone while we still remember them.

  5. I feel sad too - just reading your post evokes a bittersweet feeling. I am sorry for your loss. xo

  6. So sad to hear of your dear friend's passing. They mean so much to us. My little Agnes died this year, suddenly with no warning...no matter what the circumstances it is hard. I love how you speak of her and your quilt square is so lovely...