Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Weekend...

between visiting with family and friends, walks in the woods and helping Brett with the wood pile...

I had many little moments to stitch. I have left these threads top and bottom. I plan to use the loose ends on top to hang it - thoughts on just how still in progress.

Brett does most of the work with the wood - the boys like to help for awhile. I think the way he has stacked it is beautiful.

New blue details.

These always amaze me.

The tangle.

A tiny forest in bloom.


  1. oh very very inspiring. and I DO love the woodpile

  2. very peaceful and restful to look at your images...i like the cloth with the "new blue detail." very fine stitching. even the log pile looks at rest...maybe it's just the way i feel - needing a peaceful venue - here it is.

  3. Beautiful stitching, beautiful photos!

  4. Your stitches are just glorious.

  5. i like how the thread continues.

  6. Lovely pics, especially the fungus, what a colour!
    Your cloth is beautiful, I really like the detail in the pattern.

  7. i love the british red caps... the threads... the wood stack