Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter and Whatever

I am so glad the snow is back. Fifty degrees and sunny is nice too - but it is winter after all.

This quilt has been folded away for a few months short of one year.

One year can seem like no time at all - but January, February and March always seem to last forever. Last year I thought starting something big sounded like a great idea with those three wintery months stretched out in front of me. Spring hit and all things wintery were fast forgotten - but here I am again, at the start of the long haul indoors.

This stitched pattern is always in my head - a layer hovering above the pieced fabrics. The stitches unify what lies beneath them. 

Old and new, winter and whatever are all running into each other.


  1. Tracks on the snowy quilt. I love the juxtaposition of these images.

  2. The shiny woven snowflake made during Jude's workshop last year.