Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The room that holds our fireplace also has the largest and oldest window in our house. I am making a window panel to help hold in the warmth on the days we need it. When it is cold outside and the fire is lit we will move homework, dog bed, toys, work, play and whatever into this room. Today was very sunny and so I thought great to test fabrics in the light. This is a thrifted heavy canvas drop cloth and I love the texture and weight yet transparency of it. The center indigo panel was made in the wonderful springtime indigo workshop with Glennis Dolce. I like the way the sun shines through the four white squares even when overlaid on the canvas. Today this was held with rubber bands and straight pins. There is a lot of the construction to figure out.

I want to be able to roll up and secure like this on warmest sunny winter days.

The panel must include these beautiful sugar maple leaves that closely surround our house. I want to remember all of this yellow in this time of year we begin to move into this room.


  1. this is the Other You in that room. the one
    who is known as Mother, but is also a Very
    Large Other You.
    i love this a LOT

  2. oh this is swell, all of it.

  3. I am imagining the glow of yellow leaves on fabric, and the glow of the fire in your hearth. Sounds like it will be a cozy winter with your magnificent golden panel.--Julie