Monday, July 29, 2013

threads of summer

We are in the final formal weeks of summer, although we will continue to do the summer things as long as this perfect weather holds out.

My summer stitching has all ended boldly. I like it so much that quilt blocks have names, including shoo-fly - a nine-patch with triangle corners. I have found a few variations on how that particular name came to be, but for us it might just mean the shooing of the giant horseflies into the surface of the pond and then almost instantly into the mouths of the bluegill all summer. Because if you don't fed them to the fish those horseflies will bite you hard. 

But really I just like it that a quilt block might forever remind us of a whole summer - a really good one. - and it's not over yet.


  1. precious

    (they grow so fast....she sighed)

  2. Not over by a long way... :o)

  3. Very bold blocks! Sounds like a great summer.

  4. what a wonderful shot of your boys... and I'm with Saskia... sigh.