Thursday, November 14, 2013

72 blocks :: # four

This is block number four, with a few of the other walnut dipped fabric blocks placed underneath, just for the photo.

Fall colors are fading and we had our first snow on Tuesday. I always want to remember the yellow of the sugar maples. All season long they have something to give.

This one block at a time process is very portable, manageable and satisfying. I am seeing them each as puzzle pieces with their own imagery that will eventually become a part of a whole. But what I would really like is to stop over-thinking the whole at this point in the process and really be with each block as I am making it.

72 blocks started not so long ago... here.


  1. the fine elegance of your stitching really blows my mind. i look at this. i look at mine. comparisons are odious, yes, but i can't help but laugh at the difference. love your work and am deeply inspired to be less of a stitching "slob!" THANKS.

    1. Well I find this funny, because I would go in the other direction of what you suggest and have myself work on loosening up a bit and not worrying so much about straight lines. But, our stitches should be different - they are like handwriting - unique to each of us.

  2. I love the colors of this block. We had beautiful maples this year here in northern VA. All are on the ground now...guess we really are moving onto winter! How wonderful that you can still hold onto a bit of autumn.

  3. The trees put on quite a show here too. It was wonderful. Last year was so dry all the leaves just fell off, so this year was amazing. Even the leaves on our perennial were colorful.

  4. I found your blog through Spirit Cloth - you have captured the simple beauty of the changing seasons in your block - I look forward to seeing more - and I so enjoy your photos of the leaves - I live in south Florida and although it's fall here with the changing angle of the sun light, leaves don't turn - they just get brown and fall off - it's a joy to see the rampant colors of a true fall. Thanks so much.