Sunday, February 23, 2014

color journal :: July rain garden

We had a pretty rainy spring last year and our rain garden had its best year yet. This photo was taken mid July 2013 and it looks like it had just rained, the best time to photograph plant I think. The purples and yellows still the favorites. Native Tall Ironweed in deep purple, Joe-Pye weed in the dusty pink and Stiff Goldenrod is the yellow.

Just one more block to put together, and then the whole color journal quilt!


  1. love how the geometrical patterned square reflects the brickwork on the chimney in your summer dreaming!

  2. love this project. what fun. good way to save memories, good way to use photos.

    1. I have really enjoyed the process and I would like to continue in some similar way.