Friday, July 25, 2014

sun printing link

I have been pretty absent here. I fully expect to get back in the groove in a few weeks. Last night I went through and posted a few comments that I had yet to approve and publish. So sorry for the delay. I do very much appreciate everyone's participation here. It's hard to be a good example for two young boys about not needing technology to constructively occupy one's time and to at the same time get anything done - especially when a lot of what you need and want to get done involves technology.

Anyway, there was a question in comments about sun printing. I use this techniques often and we have been talking about it again with the little love of leaves project. It's so much fun and wonderful to use the summer sunshine to get the print. The print above made quite awhile ago using small twigs.

Sun Printing

I use Setacolor transparent fabric paints. I purchase mine from Dharma Trading because I can no longer find them locally. You want to be sure you use the transparent paint.

Dharma Trading has nice step by step instructions posted on theirs site. Click HERE for the link to the instructions.

My waterproof board is a large piece of foam insulation (one side silver one side blue) The size of my board keeps dwindling as my husband borrows pieces off of it for various projects, but it stays nice and flat without warping and I have been using the same piece years. Know that any small dents or wrinkles on the surface you use to lay the fabric out on may show up in your print.

The more contact the objects have with the wet fabric the sharper the print.

Have fun and hope this helps for anyone considering making some sun prints. Happy sunshine!


  1. Glorious colour and lovely shapes - so inspiring.

    1. It's hard to stop once you get going with it. Many many possibilities with this.

  2. thank you Susan, this looks like fun!

    1. It is! SO much fun. I had everything ready to go this weekend but it turned out to be unusually cool and rainy (which was lovely really) but no sun printing.