Friday, September 19, 2014

every little stitch

Every little stitch is sort of a wish of health and happiness for those who will be warmed and comforted by the cloth those stitches hold together.

Maybe it's all those little wishes that make a quilt so comforting.


  1. Yes, I feel exactly the same! I make quilts and blankets that I hope will be passed down through the generations, and as I do so I'm stitching little magic spells of love into these covers that will wrap and form a bond between those not yet born and myself.

    Your stitched leaves are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful thoughts...whenever I hand stitch, I feel the same way!

  3. such beautiful words and stitching, visiting here is balm for the soul

  4. Yes! Cloth is such a great energy holder and transmitter. I'm sure every stitch you take passes on the love you feel.