Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10/100 blue paint blocks

I have been painting one 7" block each day since April 6 with an end goal of 100 total blocks. (Read more about the 100 Day Project here.) I am using Pebeo Setacolor transparent fabric paint and sometimes a Pitt pen here and there. The first block is painted in Pebeo "indigo" colored paint (which I almost immediately realized I didn't have as much of as I thought and could no longer order) and all other blocks are painted with "cobalt". Oh well, I like the cobalt color more anyway. These are my first ten blocks. The first 25 will make one big 5 x 5 block and so on until I have four big blocks to sew together at the end. I like the idea of keeping them in quadrants of time - to really see what if anything might have changed along the way. 

Simply painting and drawing on each block has made it easy to keep up even if I don't have much time left in the day to do it. 
They have settled into a negative then positive space rhythm that I enjoy working out along with whatever has come to mind to paint. 

I have found myself looking forward to sitting down to work on these each day, even at the very end of the day. The very quiet and centered blocks are my favorites so far.

I will post a new block each day over at my Instagram page if you care to follow along over there. No pressure though, because I have plenty more to talk about at this place too. 

As always thanks to all who visit. I have had a bit of a lull in posting as I try to catch up with Spring, but will be back to stitching soon. I find all my time spent with hands too busy to stitch leads to more daydreams of all the things I will stitch when I can.


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    1. Blue might be my favorite and also green. Then all of the colors between them.

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    1. The momentum of Spring is pushing me along.

  3. Such lovely soft spring-like blues.