Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wing Repair

I put binding on my current quilt project this past weekend and got excited that it was moving along. I had been thinking of trying to draw/stitch a bird on it. I made a sketch and then tried to re-sketch it onto the quilt and then just went for it - following my sketchy pencil marks on the fabric with free-motion machine stitches. Sometimes just going for it works better for me than over planning - but this time, not so much. Then that awful thing happened of I knew it wasn't right but I just kept going and stitching more and more trying to correct it. Mostly the proportions are off, the little bird is too tall, not plump like I intended - so I have cut this wing to try and correct what I have done, push out his edges and widen him up a bit. I already added stitches to his belly - pushing it out a little. I am hoping I can repair it without covering the whole bird - I do like the eye.


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