Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My sewing room/studio is finally clean. It has been close for weeks - but it was tidy enough that it was so much easier to sew and always much more fun to pop in and sew for a bit than to pop in and finish the cleaning. This is as clean as it has ever been and ever, ever will be. I hope I can keep it looking this way for at least a little while.

The tour: Photo 1) My computer/printer area. I just put the quilt over the computer table yesterday. I love the height and size of the table but the table itself did not blend well with the other items in the room - it wasn't very cozy - but I think the thrift store quilt turned tablecloth does the trick. The armoire has large drawers that now hold current projects in trays and boxes. I can slide something out and work on it and then put it away. Photo 2) My little sewing nook. This is a tiny little awkward space that leads towards the window. The light is really nice here. My ironing board just fits in there next to my sewing machine table. I have only hit my head in a bad way on that roof line edge of the ceiling two times - it brought me to my knees - but it hasn't happened lately. Photo 3) My storage hutch and the boys' craft table corner. The hutch holds tons of supplies and still isn't full - it was a good find. One side of the bottom holds all the boys' stuff for coloring, cutting, gluing, stamping - whatever. I really wanted a space in here for them to sit with me.

The weather is definitely turning towards more hours indoors. I think I got this little room ready just in time.


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