Thursday, July 8, 2010

Avocado Skins and Pits

This is my first result - dyeing fabric with dried avocado skins and pits. The darker colored areas have just begun to show up so I am trying to be patient and leave the rest of the fabrics in the jar.

I started with everything - pits cut into pieces, skins and fabrics in a big pot - simmered everything for at least an hour. I tossed in blue, yellow and gold fabric to see what the results might be - we will see.

I put everything into a big glass jar and sat it on the counter for a few days. Then yesterday I put it out in the sun all day and that is when the darker spots (which I like) started appearing. I peak a lot - probably too often - but excited to see things are happening. I have left everything outside in the jar - still in the sun. If I can be patient until then I will take everything out on Saturday - which will have been one week.


  1. Very interesting how we are all doing it differently. I forgot to buy a couple more avocados today, but I will tomorrow. I'm going to try it next time without drying the peel and I'm not going to use my stainless steel pot. Can't wait...I understand your impatience.

  2. what happened on sunday??
    please tell us! :-)