Wednesday, July 28, 2010


At home last Monday morning - when I was really missing the wild surroundings we had enjoyed on our trip - I discovered this lovely creature on our stone patio. I like it that this moth found it suitable to rest there. Our chair is not a tree - but he was shaded enough to rest there all day - and the grays of his surroundings suited him perfectly. My sons and I checked on him often throughout the day and even played near him and he stayed. He was gone the next morning.

I had wanted to see what the lower wings would look like if opened - but I hadn't had the heart to disturb him.


  1. how beautiful...lucky you. I may have to make a moth as my next beast.

  2. How lovely to be able to view this moth all day long.... and at such close proximity.
    I like the moth/butterfly beast you have created.

    Jacky xox

  3. susan ~ my guess is that this is
    a hawk moth and if my guess is correct, then actually, his/her
    lower wing is really quite similar to what you intuited......
    i am happy this evening from reading all this. it makes a very
    good difference to me in my world
    far away but, really, not.
    love to you and your sons and
    the moth and the world we live in
    as co=habitants, grace

  4. thank you all

    Grace-I remember your post about the hawk moths and I wondered if this might be one. I liked the connectedness in that too - my place and yours.

  5. susan...yes. we are connected.
    mothly and otherwise. it feels
    really good to me

  6. i am really really tired tonight but want to tell you...
    my daughter and i had a long
    space of time yesterday in Albuquerque to wait till we could pick up her dogs from the spay clinic. we realized we didn't really want to
    or anything.
    we'd had breakfast and so that left out eating cause we were full.
    so we sat, layed on the grass by the art museum and just talked.
    and what came of that was:
    what if Alyssia, her daughter, my granddaughter, might NEED help?
    What if her best layed plans went
    awry (sp.?) what if she needed
    family, her mother? what if my
    daughter jenny felt like she
    needed to
    like across country
    to help
    for this little guy, julian who
    is not even a year yet?
    what if that caused great conflict
    for her because i
    her mother
    was committed to this place
    and i thought of you, your sense
    of committment to your Self
    to your boys
    and how it is such a conflict.

  7. hi susan..tell the boys that this
    toad they liked is bigger than
    a baseball...a BIG old toad. there
    are more, different ages, and i don't know what a toads life span is? but this one i think is very old. they don't mind being touched but do not like being
    gathered up in any way. flower
    petals fell from the sunflower
    and the rose bush. i thought it
    was a wonderful scene. i am trying
    to wait patiently enough to get a pic of the new little lizards..
    less than an inch long but with those amazing blue tails and faces.