Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camouflage Finds a Home

I found a home for my moth from the "camouflage" post - a gray/black white-striped cotton fabric. I think the stripes used vertically mimic the grooves of tree bark in a simple way - although I may add in some details with stitch. I laid out the other elements on a base fabric this morning - now to pin them down and start the "glue" stitches. Jude's techniques from the Spirit Cloth Workshop have set me free in getting things started each time. I am enjoying it all so much - thanks, Jude.

Now if I can just finish some of them - the new beginnings are always so much fun.


  1. oh just a perfect alignment....

  2. Your moth is so beautiful and really does look right at home where you've put him/her.

  3. just stopped by to say hello... love your current project... the moth is perfect. i'm in cloth to cloth also... see you in class!