Saturday, October 16, 2010

Insects Interwoven

The beetles are finished and will hang from a branch we found on a walk in the woods. I stitched on them a few days last weekend at the park with the boys - sitting in the sun. Every few minutes a ladybug beetle would land in my hair.


  1. FABULOUS!What a beautiful piece of work! I love each one of these bugs, but I have to say I think the red one with the megamundung cloth as spots is my favorite, it works so well with the neautral backgrounds that you've chosen. What a great project :)

  2. They seem to be moving up, like bugs do. Love the ripples from the quilting!

  3. What a glorious piece, so full of quiet little stitches perfectly placed.

  4. This is so beautiful. I love the bugs but the rippling stitches are just gorgeous. I love how carefully you have chosen the contrasting cloth on the beetles' wings, something very Japanese about them,

  5. susan ~

    funny, how when something catches
    us by our heart, we give our all
    to it.
    and do i know the love that all
    those kantha stitches mean.

    i am so happy for you.
    xoxo g

  6. came back to look again and re
    read the comments and Eva is
    right about the movement and i
    wondered and looked...
    maybe it's the stitching that
    goes off, onto the light ground
    cloth? whatever it is, it's
    there, and interesting, because
    the beetles are relatively in

  7. Very imaginative and soulful - yet so playful too.

    The hand stitching grounds it for me, and gives it power.

    Really lovely.

  8. Really wonderful. The intricate shapes on the heads make this so much more. Love the delicate floral wings on the green one. Do you have a Flickr account?