Thursday, October 7, 2010


Grace has a beautiful post about light this morning. Similar thoughts on my mind today as I set up camp for some computer work - I moved everything to sit in the sun. We are sneaking out now to squeeze in some play time with friends - in the sunshine. More soon...


  1. yes. YES. i can picture you
    just perfectly in this light

    your new camera lense..ahhhhh.
    we are in for sheer delight!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, susan, the best
    year yet!!!

  2. the new season's light is a great gift to you.

  3. It's very beautiful here...
    thanks for sharing.

    ps... unable to see where I can follow your blog

  4. what beautiful light.... it is scarce here in the northwest but when it comes it is magnificent. for now i will enjoy your photo and grace's.