Friday, July 15, 2011

Lavender :: Line

Starting something new is exciting. I am using the iris squares/circles.

They belong together. The gray base fabric is lightly painted - going along with the watercolor effect of the dyed squares.

I am experimenting with a solid hand-stitched line. I like that it looks like drawing - drawing with thread.

Looking for ways to hold everything together.


  1. these are just elegant! i need
    to come back later and look again.
    it's early and i need to be off
    to daughters/goat show/horse trailer hauling....
    these are just perfect, susan...

  2. thank you so much, grace. it feels good to try something new. it's funny - I can't find any lavender/purple embroidery thread in my stash. so lavender IS new to me.

    hope the goat show/hauling went well.

  3. totally loving this. the softness, elegant.

  4. thank you, jude. the watercolor look of the fabrics has me thinking of all sorts of possibilities...

  5. The soft watery greys and purples are fabulous and I love the way the circles appear and disappear in and out of the different fabrics.

  6. Thanks Susan! Sorry I am slow in getting here to say so and tell you how lovely I think your current work is. Enjoy the rest of summer :)
    xx Jeana