Friday, April 20, 2012


I made fringe with a scrap of osnaburg fabric and I am so pleased. I hope it will last through a washing. I thought this little cloth needed a softer edge. Now I need to make another strip of it for the other end. I am trying to finish a few small things before I start something new.

and I may be moving things around on the blog for a few days. It will all
settle out soon.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Always such excitement when I see that you've posted! I have often wondered about how to make a fringe??? This is beautiful!!! I love the multi colored diamond stitching that shows more in the first image.

    1. Hi Catherine! Great to hear from you! I have been fairly awful at keeping up with visiting.

      I don't know where to comment - here or your place - but the all over stitching! I see you are working on lots of stitches too! I always set out to stitch right across things and end up outlining everything again - worried about losing precious details if I stitch too much.

      and thanks! The fringe was fairly easy. I had always wondered too and thought it would all get tangled as I worked, but the osnaburg worked very well.

  2. sure it will. did you braid it or just knot it. braiding is more sturdy but stiffer.

  3. Hadn't thought of braiding - so just knotted. Knots at the tops and at the ends. Thinking I might make some fringe to dip in the indigo!?