Thursday, April 19, 2012

The ocean, Indiana and dandelions

Two and a half weeks ago my boys and I were sitting by the ocean - it was the boys' first time laying eyes on it. We made the trip with good friends and it was so much fun. I am still missing the sunsets. I find it very comforting the way the ocean makes all else so small.

I took some things to stitch on but never touched them. We spent a lot of time just looking.

We are back in Indiana with small shell treasure. Many of the shells have perfect little holes in them (cause by predatory snails!?) and a few have ended up on a string. I have a few ideas of what to do with them when I get a chance.

There has been lots to do outside since our return. I have been pulling lots of weeds and dividing plants and moving things around. I have managed to do a tiny bit of stitching on this little strip of blue. With a little more work I think it may become a new header for this blog. Reminiscent of the ocean it is - but what is Indiana was also once under an ocean - and so there are the fossils that I love. There is a thread of connection there.

So right now I am stitching in my head as I pull weeds and admire weeds and dig in the dirt. The dandelions are pulled from our flower beds but there are still an abundance of them in our yard. The boys love them and I admit there are lots of beautiful things about them.

I had to include this artwork by my youngest. I love the simplicity of it. 
Happy spring! More stitching soon...


  1. I love how you put things together - with cloth and on your blog, Susan - glad you had a good time with your family at the coast. Jeana xx

    1. There are so many ways everything is all tangled together! Thanks, Jeana.

  2. Brown and blue - lovely colour combination. Glad you enjoyed being by the sea so much. We're never far from the sea in Britain so I forget what it must be like not to have contact with waves and sand. :o)