Friday, May 11, 2012

please pardon

Please pardon my absence here for awhile. 
My boys are wrapping up the school year with many fun activities, 
the garden needs planting and in all extra moments I am thoroughly 
enjoying Jude's Contemporary Boro online workshop.

Be back as soon as I can...


  1. flowers dripping down into stitch .... ;-)

  2. i just went back through quite a few posts. images of your
    such you love it All. this comforts me
    and gives me good good feelings.
    i'm so glad i know, g

  3. I'm so jealous that you are participating in Jude's class. I waited too long to sign up and then it was closed. My loss, but I will sure enjoy watching what you will be creating thru it. Have fun and keep posting your progress

  4. Hi, Susan. I can't imagine why I haven't stopped by for so long...oh, yeah, I was in the States! I thoroughly enjoy what you do with stitching, and how you combine colors and forms. I like your idea about a special hand crafted object coupled with a hand-stitched cloth. Looking forward to seeing what you create in Jude's class.
    best, nadia

  5. Hi Susan,
    I'm just catching up with my reading at the Boro blog. Loved your post (on May 3)and thought I'd stop by here. How smart you are to announce you can't do it all and concentrate on Jude's class. I always feel the pull of my blog and try to spread myself too thin. Still finishing a painting class as well. Look forward to following your drapery progress.