Tuesday, May 22, 2012

two little things...

found in the grass this past weekend. This deer little one - found by my husband. The grass had grown so tall at the pond place a mama thought this (15 ft or so from the house) a great place to hide him for awhile. Love those spots and spots that make stripes. His spots were the same as the seed heads on the grass. Amazing.

and this feather also found by my husband and given to me - a cross between Grace's Magic baby goat and Jude's magic feather? Possibly a pileated woodpecker feather?

And I am still so busy with everything else. I am loving making clothes - from scratch - with Jude and classmates. More soon. Thanks so much for those who continue to check in here.


  1. oh what wonderful finds. I am caught

  2. yes...!!!
    the deer mother has a sense of trust
    and the feather made me wish for a moment i could
    DECORATE the goats...make them headdresses, little blouses.
    the blouses prompted by a memory of animals wearing
    clothing in India....
    but alas, goats are NOT into it...they like themselves as is.
    Enjoy the end of the school year, we will wait here for you.