Sunday, September 9, 2012

far from everything

The pup and I are finding ourselves with our feet in the cool creek water as often as we can. Maple sometimes goes far enough out to swim a little - she makes a tight little circle of doggie paddling.

We walk through our busy little town to this place that feels so far from everything. During the week I start to crave a few moments here to refuel and breathe it all in. The sycamore leaves are falling and becoming part of the water and rocks.

This one half summer - half fall. The yellow then brown sneaking in through the veins.

I want the things I make to have a sense of all of this.


  1. yes, making what is around us flow through us. and out again, filtered.

  2. Stopping by to say, "Hi" Susan (via jude's place). Such a lovely blog!
    Luv your four paws in the last photo ;>]]
    and all that you are making here....

    1. Hi! That water is suddenly cooler! I look forward to visiting you too.