Thursday, September 27, 2012

little brown pants

Mending the torn knee on a little pair of size 4 pants will not make them fit my long-legged, full day of kindergarten, going on 6-year-old boy. They were in the mending pile too long.

The excitement of having the time to focus on planning and building on some things I have been slowly working towards for years is mingled with moments of heavy heart that my boys are growing up. This is in and of all that I have done this past month and a half. Into almost October I am seeing both boys thriving and enjoying school and friends and I am feeling it all lighten a bit.

I have been thinking of purple, yellow and brown for some simple quilt blocks. I used the pants - cut them up for the quilt block rather than mend and pass on. They will become a part of something we will hold on to. I love the line made by the faded brown against the unfaded brown. This may be the start of something about remembering color. A simple idea I can build on as I go.


  1. A bitter-sweet and beautiful post, Susan, which resonated with some lines of thought I have been mulling this past couple weeks. Although our children are now well into adulthood, the first days of school still tug my heart. Love the concept of 'remembering color'. Best, sus

  2. Susan,
    So glad to see your beautiful work. I'm amazed at the colors and your sensitive use of texture and color as you work, inspired by the environment around you. Also, I have many pants like the ones in this post. I feel that Matthew comes home from school once a week in pants that look like this! I'm happy he gets out and plays hard, though. What a wonderful use of these beloved fabrics that kept our boys warm.
    Best wishes to you and yours,

    1. Thank you, Molly. I love it that they can wear out a pair of pants too. There would be no pants to hand down unless I patch the knees as I wait for littler boy to catch up to the next size.
      So glad you stopped by. : )