Sunday, January 6, 2013

color journal :: December

 Snow, silvery shadows, beech leaves and peppermint.


  1. Are these great pieces going to be in an actual journal or are you going to piece a quilt top with them?

    1. Yes, a quilt top. I have an idea of how I will piece them - in a ring, well a square actually. If you click "color journal" in the labels a few posts back I sketched it all out. But it might be fun to keep going too.

  2. Hi Susan,

    I like to read and follow blogs regarding art and craft. I have subscribed to your blog too. I just wanted to share with you that in my community such type of cloth stitched with different squares or rectangles of diff type and coloured material is called "DUPATE" and specially they are made to wrap li'l babies. Will share a pic too. Thanks :)

  3. i can taste the peppermint loud and clear.

  4. Such beautiful, quiet stitching.