Sunday, January 5, 2014


Three weeks ago a friend and I found a black and white kitten meowing loudly, shivering and sneezing huddled up beside the front steps of my house. There have been efforts to find out wether she is someone's lost pet but no replies. From the start she has acted like she has never known anything other than living with a big furry dog and two little boys constantly interrupting her naps and carrying her around. She already looks less like a kitten and more like a long lean cat.

I love her loud loud purring (the boys call this her motorboat) and the deep brown tiger stripes that are showing up in her black fur. Her quiet moments of contentment are contagious.

Stitching attracts the quiet company of my animals so I thought I would take a moment to introduce her here, as I am sure she will show up often.

The beginning of my new year of stitching is likely further postponed due to the expected arrival of ridiculously cold temperatures here these next few days which may extend the boys' holiday break from school a day or so. Today we will play in the snow.


  1. It's so good when a cat decides you are her people!

    1. We have been going back and forth for awhile thinking about getting a cat but never sure enough to make it happen. Then Eva just showed up and it has been smooth sailing.

  2. Eva is one cool cat! Love the expression on her face; and her snoozing on the lap on the earlier photo, just so lovely! May you have many years of fun and love with her. Happy New Year X