Wednesday, January 8, 2014

winter sketch

My boys are on day 4 of school days missed due to the gorgeous heavy snowfall on Sunday and the temperature drop that followed the next few days. A lot of snow that's not going anywhere. We played outside today and stayed oh so comfortably warm at 20˙F compared to the -15 of Monday and even colder with windchill. How fast our sense of "cold" has changed.

I love being snowed in. I am comfortable in the rhythm of outside to play and gather wood and move snow and then inside to warm up by the fire and eat (homemade bread and pie!). I love it as a separate thing from Spring, because I love that too, but this is nice. However, we did not lose power in the snowstorm as some of our friends did and that would be another story. Hoping everyone has made it home safe and warm.

Plans for stitching the seasons in progress. More soon.

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  1. Hi, Susan. Wow! -15! We are moving into spring with the days warming up to high 50s, maybe even up to of the advantages of living in Tunisia, which I have to work hard to remember when the temperatures soar over 100 in the summer. Your new cat is beautiful. We rescued 2 friendly kittens off the street and they're so entertaining. Have fun with the boys!
    best, nadia