Monday, April 28, 2014

shared inspiration :: love of leaves

I wanted to make a post with easy links to the people who have left links in the comments or are working not their own leaf projects. There are some very inspiring things leafing out. So sorry if I have missed anyone, just give me a nudge. Each sentence is a link so just click and visit. I am enjoying the spring momentum of this little leaf project. Thanks to all.

Robbie is working on a beaded leaf with wonderful color and texture. 

Marijke van Welzen creates beautiful quilted coats. This one with snakes and lots of leaves is my favorite.

Linda used fabric pastel crayon on leaves of grass with lovely results.

Linda also transferred really beautiful impressions of leaves onto fabric by pounding leaves against cloth.

Jude is stitching a lovely ivy leaf onto some of her own delicately colored eco-printed/dyed fabric.

and just in case you missed it...
These leaves were made by friends in a little newly formed sewing circle during our time together last week.


  1. going to stitch a bit on mine today. a rainy day, leafs are popping out all over

    1. The rain has made everything jump up and out here too. The emerging leaves are miniature versions of their summer selves. So interesting how they do that.

  2. finally finished my leaf...

    1. Oh thank you Marsha for posting! I hope to add a post soon about a leaf update and I will include it there too!