Tuesday, April 29, 2014

timeline chatter

I am trying to work out some of the construction for the connections blocks I am still working on.
I have it all worked out in my head, but none of it has really been tested. I snapped a few photos of some starting steps this morning, so I can keep track of what has been done and to see what works out. Reference.

and for my own future reference and the sake of personal timeline:
Along with all else here there's so much of my boys on my mind.  Little one younger than he seems -always wiser than his years keeping up with best friend big brother. Big one the first at everything new to us at the front of it all and all involved and expected in that. Suddenly 3 years between them feels like a lot again, which I have not felt since they were tiny. Having so much fun with the things we can do because they are so big but then again a tiny bit sad that not a lot of the little left. Really honestly it's all wonderful - they both amaze me every single day and I am so excited for summer. All of this tangled up in all the budding leaves, singing birds, bike rides and all things fabric and thread.


  1. Your comments about your boys bring my own up out of my heart and into my consciousness. They are twenty-one months apart, now in their late twenties...long past little, but still bound by the threads they spun as children together. I wish your boys and you a wonderful summer.

    1. Those childhood threads are oh so important. Thanks, Dana.