Monday, May 12, 2014

72 blocks :: little lizard + camo pants :: seven & eight

I cut this little outgrown shirt and a small pair of camouflage pants into fabric early March. I stitched them into two more blocks for the 72 blocks quilts I started talking about in October, but never got around to posting them. Then as is typical of me I started something new but actually closely related. Most of the other recent things were born of these blocks. Connections and the leaves. But then also a lot of it has just always been there just tangled up in different ways. Holding tight to my 12" block size on most things I make these days so that if all else fails all blocks fit together - different projects but really all part of the puzzle.

I haven't stitched on any blocks for this since March, but Mother's Day and all the leaf talk and a bit of tidying has me thinking about them again. They have resurfaced.
Wondering if I can really pull off one day putting all of these together. Do they even belong together?

Thinking I just need to emphasize their similarities while honoring their differences. More contrast and more red, definitely. I get excited all over again about the ways this shows the lovely tangle of all the things - everything all together - the things drifting in and out of my path as I go along. It's all in there. I really want to finish 2 big quilts for my boys. I am lining up my portable work for a fast approaching summer break.

only 64 more blocks to go for 2 quilts...


  1. I love the fluid approach you are showing here...the tangled threads of inspiration, happenstance and parallel projects. Isn't seeing old things in new ways the essence of originality? Yay Susan.