Thursday, May 1, 2014

back to a late winter daydream

I am spending moments between everything else stitching on this to try and get this one done. It has a bit of a wintry feel to me and I find myself wanting to stitch or splash some bright green in here somewhere, but I won't. I mean I will try not to. The seasons have changed faster than I can stitch, but this quilt is still a late winter daydream.

I have been working out the ways this will come together in the end and am anxious to see how it all turns out. All these connection blocks will be pieced together and finished out for hanging in a  similar way and I just want to know it's all going to turn out alright. At the same time trying not to rush it. The momentum of spring coming to life outside is very motivating. Go go go.


  1. what beautiful stitching!
    is it blanket stitch?

    1. Thanks, Mo. I just stitched the line and then went back around with the extra outward stitch. I wanted them to look a little fuzzy. Moths.