Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hand Me Downs

I have been thinking about quilts so much since I returned from the quilt show. My mom and I were newly excited to look through all of the already pieced blocks that came from my grandma's collection. I found out from my mother that a few of my grandmother's relatives and possibly even her friends had given her quilt blocks and fabric at various times - not actually sure which of the blocks are from where. This makes it all kind of funny - the attachments that can form with things just because of who they may have belonged to - then it turns out maybe they didn't. That it is anyone's guess what life these fabrics have had - but the mystery is just as exciting I think. I pulled out this slightly stained circular star - I love the subtle spin the pattern suggests and the slight staining.

My mom chose this pink pieced star from the stash - I have finished appliqueing it to a larger piece and will quilt it to make a pillow for her.

I was given a table this weekend. I put it in my sewing room and it takes up the last bit of space in the center of the room. We will see how it works out - but I am already excited to have a space to leave my cutting mat out and room to spare for boys, dinosaurs and legos. I put all things in progress out on the new table - oh my.


  1. all of your in progress work looks to get it all out in the open sometimes!

  2. Jeana - thanks! It is a bit overwhelming to see all that I have started but not finished. Starting something is always so exciting - I need to get inspired to end it.