Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am making enjoyable progress on this - whatever it may become - learning a bit about how to proceed on the next try. Really enjoying the hand stitching and choosing the thread colors. Round and round and round.

I have decided to post to this blog once a week for awhile and see how that goes. Let's say Wednesdays to start off. I may only check in on other blogs once a week as well - although I will be surprised if I can stay away that long. : )

The spring chatter in my home and in my head is too much. I put pressure on myself to post more often and make progress on projects and I think it can get me a little off track of what I really want to make. I need to slow it down just a touch. This blog helps me so much to keep things moving forward creatively - I just need to work on the balance of it all.

AND Spring is here! Well, almost - the sun was shining today and I love the way 40˙ in March can feel like 60˙. It was lovely.

Happy Spring - I am skipping tomorrow - I'll be back next Wednesday, March 10th. Thanks to all who are checking in on me.


  1. love the round and round stitches over the squares. a lovely new profile pic too!

    happy spring to you!

  2. thanks, Jeana! as far as the profile photo - I figured it was time I stopped hiding behind that little scribble. : )

  3. this has a wonderful effect as it progresses, like watching an expanding ripple in the water...

  4. thanks, Jude. I am hoping to give a sense of movement on this - I think the more I stitch the more that will come across...