Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

On Saturday I went to the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. It was the first quilt show I have ever been to and I was very pleasantly surprised at the mix of both machine quilted, hand quilted and hand appliqued quilts. I took photos of just a few of my favorites and unfortunately I haven't had much luck finding websites to link for the makers of these quilts - which is how I had hoped to post them. My boys and my mom went with me to the show. My oldest son, Henry (6 years old) did pretty well - he had comments and good observations on a lot of the quilts. He even recognized one that looked like his baby quilt that my mother-in-law made for him - a dresden plate. I took a photo of him standing near the small quilts for scale. : ) My mom kindly strolled my youngest around a bit while we looked.

"Parcheesi" - by Amy Bright

"Thirteen Feathered Stars" - by Susan E. Ziel

"Fan-Tastic Foliage" - by Elizabeth Polenz Haase

"Sanity Color Wheel" - by Cassandra L.M. Toth


  1. I was just randomly googling my name and found one of my quilts on your blog! I am Cassandra L.M. Toth and thank you (many years late) for having my quilt on your blog.

    My quilt blog is:

    1. Hi Cassandra! I am so glad you found it and so great to hear from you. Thanks also for your link to you blog. So fun to make a connection even after all these years!