Wednesday, May 8, 2013

situation :: part 2

I went back the next evening to have a look at the mayapple and at first thought he had made some progress in breaking free. But then I realized it was a different leaf. I looked around a bit more and saw at least six leaves in the same situation. So... I decided to just set the first one free - knowing there would be others to watch as they tried to work it all out.

I think I may darken my painted and stitched leaf - to make that pale ring glow just a little more. I really like the way these mayapple leaves resemble huge green flowers.

This was a completely different leaf - looking a lot like a bloom.

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  1. what an amazing wild plant Susan, I looked it up online and the flowers, fruit and rhizomes are so beautiful! always good to discover a plant that will grow well in a moist shady place & if I ever end up living in a cool climate again I will grow it along with cherries, dogwood, lilacs, peonies and blue Tibetan poppies!