Thursday, May 30, 2013

summer begins

I set aside some time this afternoon to really feel the quiet. At our house, summer begins tomorrow - the last day of school. I am looking forward to the daily company of my two sweet boys, and the pup is going to love having them home to play.

Things have a way of getting busy in the summer, even though in many ways we are slowing down.

I have plans to keep on stitching but I might not be posting here very often for the next few months. Thanks to all who continue to check in here.


  1. Love what you're working on..could you explain a bit about it? Hope you enjoy the summer.--Julie

    1. Thanks, Julie. This is a large panel I am working on along with Jude's What-If Diaries, lots of wonderful talk over there - this panel focusing mainly on white. The little blue flower I had to add in the edges to remember the blue-eyed grass blooming in our yard right now, at the start of summer. Things intermingled on a cloth - I like the way the different ideas are starting to grow into each other and intermingle. I will post a pic of the whole panel at some point. I am working towards getting everything on this one secure to possibly start another panel as the class continues. I am enjoying the experience of the class very much.

    2. I'm also signed up but am more a vicarious reader and note jotter. I tend to sneak over and take in a number of her posts at the same time. It's a very thoughtful class. Have to admit that I am more focused on blues these days! Thanks for sharing.--Julie

  2. this cloth is stunning Susan your sense of line is sublime