Thursday, May 2, 2013


Our spring has been full - in lots of good ways, including a nightly walk in the wonderful spring weather to wear out the boys and the pup. Last night on just such a walk I spotted this mayapple - unable to open to its umbrella of a leaf because of a situation with some leaf litter.

I am wondering if it might end up marked in some way - in a special way because of how things started. I am thinking tie-dye and resist. Going to try and check in on the real leaf later on - see how it might turn out.


  1. I love the tension in the photo and the stitched reflection of the release

  2. Susan...
    your world.
    a good good world. i will wait to hear here from you how it turned out........
    i love you,

  3. So delicate. And such powers of observation.