Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Time in Sewing Room Required

I have had the little idea for awhile to have a fiber art blog to motivate myself to sew more - quilt more. Here it is. I am in need of outside input. I will ALWAYS take into great consideration the unique artistic observations of my husband and 4 year old (almost 5 year old) son - he has a keen eye for subtle details and use of color - but I am hoping my wonderfully artistic and creative friends and family will also be my critique group.

I have (almost) completed a few small quilts for a two month showing at a local restaurant. I am at the same time so excited for the opportunity and discouraged at the small number of pieces I have to choose from. Raising two small boys and spending time in the sewing room can be a tough combination. I know I can squeeze in more sewing time and I know too well from keeping up a two years and running family photo blog that others watching and waiting can keep the updates coming. I have many more ideas and experimenting to do and am hoping to run them by all of you for feedback. Comments, comments, comments, please!! As the title says - almost every day - if all goes well...


  1. Hi Sue - we have a Providence connection we can talk about later. In the meantime, let me commiserate with you! I have two young girls, and the craft materials and ideas just pile higher and higher, with remarkably little to show for it. I'm hoping to pull together a show of knitted goods here in Madison, WI. I think I have to give myself a good long time to pull it together.

    I'd love to hear some of your process, if you don't mind sharing. Is there a theme to the show? How do you select materials/color? Maybe more importantly, how do you carve out time for yourself to work on it?

    Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Sarah - I have a couple of guesses, but I am so curious of the connection! I have more than enough of all the materials I need to make what I make and my plan for future projects will be to only use what I have and not only use the same few things and same colors time and again. As for time, my quilts are small and very portable - which I hear is a bonus with knitting as well. What types of things do you knit?